2017 Blog Tour Reviews for my latest crime novel!

I’ll be honest; it’s been a while since I read a crime novel set in the US as I am into UK-based police procedurals more lately. However, once I’d re-familiarised myself with the terminology, I was quickly sucked into the story of the somewhat maverick female detective and her tangled personal life. Ashton has a conversational way of writing which dispenses with much of the unnecessary prose many authors use when describing the action. This makes the story easy to read and it almost played like a film in my mind as I read. - Blogger, Kelly K.

If you like action-packed crime thrillers then Promised Lies should definitely be on your TBR list! It begins with a really shocking chapter that grabbed my attention completely. Young women are being abducted and murdered by an online stalker called CtryGeek23. Although he features quite heavily throughout the novel, Marguerite Ashton very cleverly keeps him hidden in the shadows for most of the book. This makes Promised Lies a very suspenseful read, and the eventual reveal is a real shock. - Blogger, Sally Akins.

This is a good old-fashioned cop/crime thriller. - Blogger, Vicki.

Dark, dark, dark, and oh-so-haunting, this drew me into its darkness and spat me out...with hope! The writing was crisp, the protagonist well-drawn, and the plot suspenseful. But it was the themes beneath the surface of this book that really brought a freshness to the novel. It was also great to read about a vulnerable female investigator of mixed race. - Blogger, Christina Philippou


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