Interview With Actor & Comedian Bill Cannon

It has been a while since Crime Writer's Panel has done a show. When I found a break in my schedule, I caught up with a good friend of mine, Ret. Sergeant Bill Cannon. He's hosted shows with me and written blog posts for Criminal Lines. Now he has added to his resume. Acting and stand-up comedy. 

Congrats, Bill!



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Autopsy Protocol for Investigators

The autopsy is one of the most important steps in the death investigation, especially when the case is equivocal – a fancy investigative term meaning, “I have no idea what happened.”

The Miranda Rule

Joseph Giacalone and Bill Cannon took a moment to help writers understand The Miranda Rule.

1:03 Why do we Have The Miranda Rule
7:35 When Miranda Doesn't Apply
8:14 In Custody + Interrogation = Miranda
10:30 Exception to The Rule
12:10 The Miranda Sheet
18:54 Writers Beware
23:10 Court Cases = Research
25:10 Losing Your Audience Pt 2
27:26 Television vs Novel
29:54 Literary License with Miranda?
33:50 Television Scene w/Lawyer and Client
35:24 If he's not in Custody...
37:06 From the Writers Standpoint
43:25 Nov 15th - Interview and Interrogation

Fallen in the Line of Duty: A Crime Writer’s Lesson

Talk about research. This round was heart wrenching and educational.

In my upcoming book, one of the detectives is shot and killed in the line of duty. At first I was going back and forth on whether or not to let her live.

How to Request a Cold Case to be Re-examined

Over the years, I've met some great guys and gals in law enforcement. Whenever, I have a question about police procedure, they are the ones I run to with pen and paper.

Even though I have a heavy interest in crime fiction, there are real topics that weigh heavy on my mind - cold cases.

I've interviewed Joe Giacalone before about cold cases and he made me realize how important it is to keep people informed.  

Below is a great post written by Joe.

Dealing With PTSD in Law Enforcement

I learned a few things during my talk with Retired Detective Sergeant, Bill Cannon.

Guest Blogger Joe Giacalone: Can My Character Do That?

Are the police allowed to use deception and trickery to obtain a confession? The short answer is yes, but there are some limitations on how far they can go.

Writer Question: Can a Roommate Give Consent to Search Another’s Room ?

Hey, Fellow Crime Writers! Search and seizure can be tricky. And if it’s not done correctly, an investigator will have another set of problems on their hands.

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