Dealing With PTSD in Law Enforcement

I learned a few things during my talk with Retired Detective Sergeant, Bill Cannon.

Guest Blogger Joe Giacalone: Can My Character Do That?

Are the police allowed to use deception and trickery to obtain a confession? The short answer is yes, but there are some limitations on how far they can go.

Writer Question: Can a Roommate Give Consent to Search Another’s Room ?

Hey, Fellow Crime Writers! Search and seizure can be tricky. And if it’s not done correctly, an investigator will have another set of problems on their hands.

Investigative Response to a Homicide – Part 1

I’ve had a blast getting to know Bill.  His first interview with Criminal Lines Radio was on August 13, 2013  and we discussed Dealing With PTSD in Law Enforcement. On September 12th he made his first appearance via video and was a guest on Crime Writers’ Panel  which included Jim Ault.

Crime Writers Panel ~ Investigative Response to a Homicide

As always, we had some great moments during the show!

We discussed four important topics to help authors during their research.

Promised Lies Blog Tour: June 5th-18th

This is an exciting time for me as I get ready for my two-week blog tour for my crime novel, Promised Lies.


After The Badge Blog Series

I'm excited for the After The Badge blog series that I'm working on with law enforcement. Each post will highlight a different law enforcement member who has retired and moved on to do other things in their life.

Promised Lies Book Trailer

I've had people tell me that a book trailer isn't a trailer without music. 

My reply: Silent trailers are like books. Quiet. 


Interview and Interrogation


It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words and crime scene photography is no different. Crime crime scene photos tell the story of the horrific events that transpired that day in extraordinary detail. They are irreplaceable. 

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